Sunday, April 17, 2016

Good News Bus at Stonehenge

Months ago the Good family made plans to travel to other continents.  Leaving the Good News Bus behind was just not an option.  To make this possible the Good family took out an enormous loan and liquidated every asset to purchase a barge for the Good News Bus to sail on.   Why?  To traverse across the waters of many oceans and to see other lands long forgotten in time.  This dream came to fruition today.

We finally came to the shores of a strange ancient land filled with friendly prehistoric creatures,

fountains of youth,

brazen warriors frozen in time,

and a sight we could have only dreamed of seeing before...Stonehenge.

How was all this possible?  Well, unfortunately it is still just a far fetched dream and an impossible financial nightmare.  But today it came close.  We found all of this literally in the middle of nowhere.  We were driving through the town of Elberta, Alabama.  You will know you are there when you see a sign that reads; "Elberta City Limits - Home of Shelby Brown".  Be sure to take a side road that leads to the Barber Marina were you too can be off on your own adventure without having to leave the shores of your homeland.  That is if your homeland is the United States of America.  

Oh...keep an eye out for the alligators!  They are mean!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

NEW VIDEO: Bus Life with 9: North to South

Join the Good family as they travel from the far north to the southern United States and have many adventures along the way. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bus Life with 9: North to South - VIDEO COMING SOON

Over the last few weeks we have been filming and editing our upcoming “Bus Life with 9” episode "North to South".  Video editing is a very tedious process that requires hours and hours of time.  As you can imagine living in a bus with a family of 9 can be challenging enough.  Throw a film production into the mix and it can get just crazy.  What's amazing is we all enjoy doing it.  

From "Bus Life with 9: North to South"
Our first Bus Life with 9 video “The Good News Bus Conversion Story” is currently sitting at over 60,000 views in the short span of 6 months.  Our second episode "Heater for the Holiday’s” is currently sitting at 2400 views and climbing.  Many articles have been written about what we are doing and we have been interviewed by multiple TV outlets for the possibility of our own TV show. Regardless of the outcome we will continue to tell our story as long as people want to listen.

We want to thank all of you that have been a support and encouragement to us.  I went through some of our comments on Youtube and have cherry picked some of the best.


"Wow that bus is amazing and so was this video can't wait to see more!" - thecerealboxkiller
"This is amazing! You have 7 kids and live in a awesome bus." - Ava Skye
"I had a horrible time at work today, but watching your video blessed my heart. May Jesus Christ continue to bless and keep you all." - JAchica11
"Oh wow....!!truely amazing that a family of 9 can stay in a bus with such an easy...I am highly impressed and liked your video very much. .. wonderful family stay blessed."  - Heena Satikuwar
"Some time ago when I first found The Good News Bus And  I thought it was just great and today that still rings true, Such a beautiful family just living life and doing the best they can. You all are amazing. I drive a bus for a living here in Boston and have been thinking about doing the same thing for some time now.I'm just about to buy a bus and with what I have seen here I have gotten some great ideas . Keep up the great work be it your family or the bus. God Bless You All." - Mr C The Other Guy From Boston
"Your family is awesome. I've been trying to persuade my wife into doing something adventurous like this as a family (6 of us). So far no dice. Perhaps after seeing this she'll reconsider. Thank you for sharing! You did an amazing job on the bus!" - Alexander Menninger
"Wow! U have make me more realize about how to maximize a tiny space. Space is not everything but the most important is we can live as a family with happy and prosperity." - silantra7
"Can't help but smile after watching this. Nicely done." - Knightrayn"

"This was such an enjoyable video...Loved the bus and really enjoyed and appreciated meeting your beautiful family! Happy Holidays!! - Mari Rodriguez 
First got bless you all.  You are blessed.  Your story inspired me a lot,  I wish you the best in your life for all your family.  Big kiss from  France :)" - Jerem Oldclouds
"A new subscriber and truly enjoyed this video. So encouraged to see you training your family in this wholesome way! Looking forward to following your journey." - Ramona Brewer

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good News Bus featured on "Do It Yourself RV"

Recently the Good News Bus was featured in 2 articles on "Do It Yourself RV". 

Use Bungee Cords To Make More Room In A Tight RV Shower

"With just a couple of bungee cords and some hooks you can gain extra space in your RV’s shower stall."

View here: 

The second article featured our bus and family.  It can be read here:

AmTran International School Bus Becomes Home To Family Of Nine

"Two parents and seven kids fit comfortably in this renovated and redesigned AmTran International School Bus."

View here:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Baking Sourdough Bread in the Good News Bus

Julie just wrapped filming her homemade sourdough bread tutorial. The bread was made fresh right here in the Good News Bus. If this is something you would enjoy seeing let us know in the comment section below.  We should have the video available in the coming weeks!