Bus Floor Plan

Our New Bus Floor Plan

For those of you wanting detailed floor plans of our new bus conversion we have made them available to purchase for $50.  They include detailed dimensions of the bus.  They do not include plumbing or electrical diagrams.

The Good News Bus Floor Plan

Many "The Bus Life" followers have requested a detailed floor plan of the Good News Bus.   Julie is the design expert on the Good News Bus and has made the plans available.   If you would like to purchase a detailed version of the plans we have them available for $20 here:



Kitchen / Dinning

Kitchen / Dinning / Bunk


Bunk Room
Master Bedroom w/ dual closets
Master Bedroom looking forward


Unknown said...

Nice I like it.

Jim Cook said...

Sweet ride

Mgbstyle65 said...

Good Job! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

Rhonda said...

What did bus cost to finish?

Catherine Davis said...

Would you mind letting us know how much you would recommend we set aside from start to finish of this project?

Unknown said...

Nice conversiom. Interested to know what software you made 3d views/floorplan with.

Tina F said...

Looks like it works great for your needs! You did a GREAT JOB!! I have questions where do I ask them?

Tina F said...

I have so many tech questions on what I can do? can your help me?

The Bus Life said...

You can email us at info@goodnewsbus.com. Also, we blogged our entire project. You can find it by clicking the “start to finish” page.

Reece. @buslifetx said...

My Fav bus life family !!!!! How are you? I hope yall are having safe travels, and that your travels are blessing you as much as watching your blogs have blessed us. My name is Reece. I converted a bus 5 years ago. Had a blast with it but my Company needed me behind the desk. I have recently sold it and I'm about to jump back into a bus. It's my Passion!!! But this time I want to bring the world along for the ride.
Would it be possible to have a 10 min time slot pick at your brain. Your fresh off of a build and would love to soak in some knowledge from you. If this possible please let me know!!!