Friday, May 15, 2009

Bus Conversion Day 10 - Work Continues

Today I finished the plates both in the front and the rear of the bus that cover where the emergency lights were..

The last one (on the rear drivers side) was by far the hardest to do. It was bent pretty bad and I had to take a lot of time hammering out the dent. I have the plate now riveted in place but will still need to do some body work on it to get it right.

After I finished this I went ahead and finished up the bondo work on the stop sign and the exit door screws. I then put a coat of primer on it.

Here is a before shot of the Stop Signs holes as a reminder.

And here it is currently.

Here is a pic of the exit door holes done.

I found a good location where I will place the batteries that will connect to an inverter that will provide 120 v to the bus. This will allow the bus to run on standard power.

If you are facing the bus on the front left there is a compartment that held a second heater core for heating the front of the bus.

I removed the core and it leaves a very nice space for the batteries.

It should work out great with a few modifications.

Besides this I removed some metal trim that goes around the rear bumper to prep for paint.

More prep work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing this same bus. How did removing that heater core work out driving in cold weather. I did not realize that was a extra core and there was another up in the dash. Geo Jeff Skoolie

The Bus Life said...

If your heaters are in good working shape and you can make them work with your floor plan I would advise keeping them!