Friday, May 29, 2009

Bus Conversion Day 18 - Taping & Painting

Yesterday we finished our last coat of red paint on the bottom portion of the bus.

Here are a few pics of the finished red paint.

Drivers Side:

Passengers Side:


Here is a pic I took of how the finish turned out:

Not a bad looking finish for being rolled on!

Now for the white paint.

First we had to prep the surface.

This consisted of:
  • Sanding here and there
  • Taping plastic on the seam where there red and white paint meet.
  • Taping off windows (I removed some of the windows just to make painting easier)
  • Taping the front of the bus where the red and white will meet together.
I started with the front.

As you can see the white and red paint will merge together and slope down towards the bumper and grill (grill is currently removed).

Then, using that painters plastic that already has the tape on it, we went around the entire bus and taped off the seam where the red and white paint will meet.

Here is a picture of the drivers side taped off:

Now we were ready to paint.

We started at the front.

Here is the front with it's first coat.

Then we painted the drivers side.

And here is the passengers side.

There is still a lot of touch up to be done but everything is coming along nice.

It will be Sunday before I can put another coat of paint on. Check back for more.

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