Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bus Conversion Day 3 - CLEAN!

Today was pretty strait forward. Clean, clean, clean. As you may have noticed by some of the previous pictures in this blog, this bus was dirty and had that old bus smell. We removed any remaining screws and obstacles. We swept the bus clean. Then we brought in the hose, soaked the bus down and mopped, scrubbed, and washed everything in sight. From the floor to the ceiling, nothing was left untouched.

This step was important because there was a lot of moisture that had been trapped under the plywood and the rubber mat so mildew was present. Plus this gave the bus a lot better smell. We used the new Clorox All Natural Green Works Cleaner with the lemon scent. This made the work day like a big aromatherapy session.

The following pic is a before and after of one of the back walls in the bus (not really easy to see). I had thought that we would end up painting the interior but everything cleaned up really nice so I think we will keep the original paint.

Besides a few other odds and ends this day just consisted of a lot of mops, rags, soapy water and elbow grease (Oh, and don't forget that Fresh Scent). I am glad this step is over. Tomorrow we should be about ready to lay the new plywood as long as the floors are completely dry. I will have a fan blowing on the floors all night.

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