Monday, June 1, 2009

Bus Conversion Day 20 - Paint Almost Done!

A couple weeks ago I had only put one coat of paint on the roof so I figured it was time to blend the roof with the rest of the white paint on the sides. I got my sander and lightly sanded the entire top of the bus and where it begins to slope down towards the sides.

After that I got my rag with paint thinner and wiped down the entire surface that I had just sanded.
Next I rolled on the paint. I was really happy with how well it looked after it was done.

One more coat on the roof and I will be happy.

While I was working on the roof some other members of our team were installing all new self stick window/door weather stripping in all the window openings. This bus is 14 years old and the original window stripping was dry rotted.

After I finished the roof I went around and touched up every spot that looked like it needed more white paint. Now we were ready to take off all the plastic and tape.

Here is the front of the bus with all the plastic removed. (There is still some tape left on the bus for touch up work.)

Aside from a few spots that needs to be touched up this turned out GREAT! Can't wait to see it with the lights and grill installed.

Here is the passengers side. We have applied only one coat of paint to the white guard rails.

And here is the drivers side.

Hardly looks like a school bus any more!

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