Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 35 - More Tint | School Bus Conversion

I was not planning on doing any work on the bus today but I was able to get some more tint done after all.

Here is a pic of the front before it was tinted.

And After:

I was also able to get the entrance door tinted.

Here is a before:

And After:

I still have to tint 4 windows in the master bedroom, the drivers window and the two little side widows seen above on the right of the entrance door.

I will have it finished tomorrow. God Bless!


J. Reaves said...

Although it looks great, I don't think tinting the windshield glass is legal.

The Bus Life said...

It is legal up to a certain percentage, at least in my state.

Unknown said...

looks great! I did mirror finish on my RV's and it really helped with the privacy and HEAT in AZ!