Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 41 - Dinette | School Bus Conversion

First, we finished up the framing and paneling of the 14" cabinet that is located next to where the refrigerator will be and behind where the dinette seat will be.

The hole that you can see in the picture is an access port for the top of gas tank. I believe it may be there to make it easy to access the fuel pump possibly.

Today our work surrounded where the dinette will be located. We kinda just came up with it as we went.

We started by framing the bottom portion of the dinette seat.

Then the back portion of the seat frame.

Then the front.

Then I cut pieces of wood at the angle that I want the back of my seat at. Now it's all framed up!

You would think by my description that it took 5 min. to do this but it took a good portion of the day.

Once again I am out of studs. You never can guess how many you need. I think we already have 70 studs invested in this project so far. I have had very little waste. They go fast.

I was able to get started on the other dinette seat.

More on Thursday!

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