Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 57 - Sanding & Staining | School Bus Conversion

Today I ran out of my paneling material so I decided to go ahead and sand what paneling I had up.

After the sanding was done I started staining the wood. The stain we are using is called Pickling White. It is a subtle color that we have used in the past and really liked how it turned out.

Some of the pics following may be hard to make out the difference from the stained and un-stained wood. In person there is a noticeable difference.

Here is the dinette seat before the stain:

Here it is after:

This is the cabinet is by the front door that has been stained:

All the kitchen cabinets have been stained:

And about half of the bunk room:

Hope to have the staining done tomorrow.

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