Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 59 - Storage Area | School Bus Conversion

Today I worked on the storage area in the back of the bus.

I had my wires just sitting in the back storage area. These wire are for the lights that will be on the back wall in the master bedroom as well as an outlet in the storage area. I also ran an additional 12 volt constant to provide power to the rear view camera (yet to be installed) and a light for the storage area.

Here is the outlet for the storage area.

Here is the lighting wiring I ran on the opposite side of the storage wall. This is in the master bedroom.

Since the back is closed off I had to figure out a way to have a light in the back. After some figuring and wiring I ran a switch to the existing lights that were already in place.

I put the switch right by the door opening. It works!

I also tied in another light that sits in the top center of the back wall.

I hope to have the back storage area paneled tomorrow.

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