Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 68 - Gas Lines DONE! | School Bus Conversion

Today we work on the gas lines and got them done!

Here are the pics from the day of work.

We purchased all the fittings and copper pipe (1/2") that we needed along with the flange tool.

This is where the line comes up from under the bus to the storage room where the main tank will be.

Here is where it comes down:

and comes over to the center of the bus:

and then makes its way to the front. (We ran the gas line in PVC to help protect the pipe for this run)

Next it comes to this T:

One pipe goes to drivers side and the other the passengers side.

Here is the elbow on the drivers side on its way to where the stove / water heater will be.

This is looking towards the back of the bus:

Here is the next pipe connected:

Now up through the floor:

and into the bathroom wall:

and then into the kitchen cabinet:

The other part of the T went to where the fridge will go:

More soon!

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