Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 81 - Bunk Room Paint | School Bus Conversion

We decided to paint the bunk room ceilings. We had considered paneling but decided against that.

The two top bunks have metal ceilings so I again lightly sanded them, wiped them down with thinner and put plastic up so not paint would get on the newly varnished wood.


We wanted to do different colors for each. We have children that will be traveling with us so we thought it only right to let them pick out the colors for their bunk rooms.

Our daughter of course wanted pink. My son chose green. We did not want the colors to stand out to much so we picked a very light pink (almost white) and very light green (almost white). This way it does not give the affect of "Oh my gosh...what have you done?" and it keps the kids happy. We both win!

Here is the pink bunk:

In the picture the pink tint is almost impossible to make out.

The left shows the old paint. The right shows the new.

Here is the pink bunk done:

Here is the Green bunk done:

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