Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 103 - Water Tanks | School Bus Conversion

Today I finished (conquered may be a better word) the installation of the water tanks.

It was not an easy task and took the majority of the day. It took some major planning to get both of those tanks in next to each other. There is only a 3" gap between them.

This is where the water goes from the tank to the pump.

The tanks are tucked a good distance under the bed. It still leaves a good amount of storage space.

This is running water from the 2 - 46 gallon water tanks powered by the 12V FlowJet water pump.


Unknown said...

The bus looks awesome! I just purchased one yesterday and I am aiming to do a similar conversion!!! I was wondering what kind of water pump and tank you all got? And how much they were?

Unknown said...

Hi All! Your bus looks amazing!!! I was wondering what kind of water tank you all are using and what kind of pump? How much was both of that?

The Bus Life said...

Do you mean what kind of Hot Water tank or the actual holding tanks? The pump we use is a flow jet.