Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 138 - Battery Rack Installed | Bus Conversion

Yesterday we installed the battery rack under the bus.

It was a very tight fit. The rack sits right behind the drivers front tire. The batteries will be strapped down as a precaution and I may still install a sway brace even though it is quite sturdy.

Here it is underneath the rack:

This is it looking at the top. The metal box on the left is the stock battery housing:

These are the tops of the batteries:

Here is where the wires come down from the passengers side of the bus. The Red wire goes to the battery terminal:

The black wire is bolted to the frame:

More soon!

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Jerrygreek said...

I would have invested in Hyco plastic bushings to fit around any sheet metal as a safety factor wherever AC OR DC lines are Placed through sheet metal. Almost 20 years in the 2 way radio industry and we always insulate around sheet metal. As for everything else, WOW WONDERFUL!