Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 144 - Cabinet Door Assembly | Bus Conversion

Today I basically spent the whole day putting together the doors that were now stained and ready for assembly.

I have gone back and forth on what design I wanted to use in the way these doors go together and are held together. I hope that the following design will hold up over time. Only time will tell.

I am using dowels to hold the framing together. It is also strengthened from the center piece of plywood that interconnects all of the frame pieces together when it slides into the slot that the milled out of the center of each frame piece.

This is how they go together.

First, I had to pre-drill 1 hole in each frame piece for the dowels.

I glued the slot that the oak plywood slides into.

Here is the plywood in the slot:

I then glued the dowel before putting the next frame piece on:

Here is the frame piece in place:

And the next frame piece:

Here it is all together:

All the cabinet doors are built for just one side of the kitchen. The upper cabinets over the kitchen counter and the lower cabinets. There is still many to build throughout the bus.

Today I was also able to get one coat of varnished on the kitchen table.

More soon!