Friday, April 5, 2013

We Have Added Another Resource Page!

I have to say that I never dreamed that the Good News Bus would become so popular and become such an inspiration for others wanting to do similar projects.  At the time I am writing this The Good News Bus Video on YouTube has reached nearly 60,000 views.  Wow!

To all our readers and fans...Thanks You!  I can't make any guarentees but please be watching for a Walkthrough Video of the Good News Bus coming in the next few months.

The purpose of this post is to announce the addition of another page that we hope you will find useful.

At the top navigation bar you will see: FAQ.  We went through our entire project and have listed every tool that we used and the Tools we wished we would/could have used on The Good News Bus Conversion Project.

We hope this page helps you to prepare for your project!


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