Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our new project: Shot Gun, New Orleans Style House

My wife and I recently decided it was time to build a small home.  We have 7 children but we don't need much so my wife ( designed us a very nice, 1,100 sq ft home.  We are almost finished with it and so far we absolutely love it.

Here are some pics of the process:

Here is the foundation work we did.


Almost done with the exterior:

We decided to go with butcher block counter tops.  I think they would be a good option for a skoolie. They are very durable and cost effective.  We went with American Walnut.

Cutting out for the sink


Installed pre-oil
Mineral Oil can be found in any pharmacy 

First coat of mineral oil

Master Bedroom

Living Room

The Good News Bus sits ready for our next adventure.

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Unknown said...

Love to see families choosing to be responsible with their living space size. The design is stunning and filling it with children is the perfect icing on the cake! Congrats on your home!