Tuesday, December 1, 2015

St. Louis Science Center

Today we went to the St. Louis Science Center.  With free admission, it was well worth the visit and we would recommend it to anyone.

One of the first things you see when you walk into the center is a towering animatronic T-Rex with an injured Triceratop at its feet.

The first exhibit we visited sat in front of a Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Ethan and Elisha got to sit in one of the original Ford Bigfoot Monster Trucks.

Arwen's found a giant sea shell and a child mummie.

Isaiah found a T-Rex skull

...and I found Dory 

As we walked through the Center we could see the Good News Bus from the windows.  I was glad we could keep an eye on her.  Can you spot the bus in the next pic?

We had the opportunity to view a constellation presentation at the Planitarium.  That was pretty cool.  It was just like being under a crisp night sky looking up at God's amazing handywork.  

The kids had a chance to pilot a Mars rover from a remote location.  In the next panoramic pic you can see the control center to the left and the rover to the right.  The boys had great fun with this.

The kids also enjoyed flying the flight simulator.  Isaiah actually landed his plane without crashing it.  From right to left: Isaiah, Ashton, Arwen, Ethan and Elisha.

Before we left, the kids had a chance to power the Energizer Machine hamster style.  Using the energy from the human sized running wheel, colored balls are hoisted up to the 3 story height ceiling and sent traveling on a 1/4 mile of track, going through many obstacles all the way back to their starting point.   

On our way out of town we caught a glimpse of the St. Louis Cardinals stadium and the St. Louis Gateway Arch.  The arch is made of stainless steel, and rises above the city skyline at a towering 630 feet high.  It is located right on the bank of the Mississippi River.

We had a fun day and the Good News Bus is back on the road heading toward Kentucky.   

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