Friday, April 21, 2017


Today it is with sadness that we announce the end of the vlog.


Unknown said...

I see that you're in Saskatchewan but you need to come to Southern Ontario. We would love to have a look at the bus.

Unknown said...

When Jesus was being baptized, John announced Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes sin out of the world. John said he was not worthy to untie Jesus' sandals. Later when Jesus was taking off like gangbusters, John commented that "He, Jesus, must increase and I, John, must decrease." Later when John was thrown in prison and awaiting his execution and in a state of extreme confusion he questions who Jesus is. “Are you the Christ?” My point is John had a vision, he had a time of testing, and he had a time of disillusion.
Maybe this is where you folks find yourselves today.
In this day in age where pure garbage gets fifty thousand views on Youtube your vblog is like manna. You have laid the groundwork for this vblog to take off. It, as of now, has not. Is that not surprising that somehow your vision has been stymied? Seemingly, you have been blocked from gaining membership and that has been your battle. If the enemy could attack someone of the stature of John the Baptist why might he not attempt to stop you? Your family is the hidden pearl in a dry barren field. We are to sell everything to buy that pearl. Your vision can be broken, sin breaks many a vision. Impure motives can break a vision. But if it is simply an enemy attack against you and your vblog then you have authority over the enemy’s attacks. This is not just a YouTube issue, this is a Kingdom issue. I would call on the body of Christ to war with you for a breakthrough.
My prayer for you: “Jesus I pray again for this family. There are so many dysfunctional kids looking for role models. The nuclear family is tanking in America. This family brings ‘hope’ back on stage. This family brings ‘life’ back in plain view. I pray you will break open this closed door! I pray you will give them the courage to persevere and continue. Let them see the way through this trial. I bless this family for coming this far, offering a cup of water to the world. Let them continue in Jesus Name!”
I love your work.