Sunday, August 20, 2017

Video: We Broke Down! | The Bus Life

The bus broke down today!


Unknown said...

WOW...Was the water cold? Way to jump in there. Happy Sunday!!! I wish l was there... Life is a hiway, l want ride it all night long. Shane some day l am going to see Canada.

Ramona said...

thanks for sharing your Life on a Bus! It is very interesting to see a family thrive in such an environment. I do have a couple of concerns about the accuracy of the information you share. The first is regarding the "apple trees", that you decided to plant when you arrived in Ontario because they won't grow in Manitoba. Without knowing the variety of Apple, I can't be sure, but many varieties of apples thrive here in Manitoba. On the video today when you were in Lake Superior you commented that the lakes in Manitoba and Saskatchewan were man made. Now I realize the lake you were at in Saskatchewan (Moosomin Lake ) was man made , but both provinces have many lakes. Manitobas motto is province of thousands lakes. I just don't want inaccurate information regarding any part of our wonderful country to be portrayed to your viewers. Thanks for reading my concerns, Safe, and happy travels to your family.

The Bus Life said...

Sorry if I have miss represented Manitoba. The only lakes we have been to in Saskatchewan is a man made. The lake we used to live by in Manitoba is either man made or a swamp/lake. I understand that there is other lakes in Manitoba that may be nice clear lakes. Unfortunately, the lakes I have been to are icky to swim in. So, speaking from my experience and all I have to compare to is the lakes I have expienced, they were unpleasant to swim in. This vlog is from our eyes and of the places as we experience them. Sorry if it miss represents the Manitoba you have experienced. I was born in Manitoba so I'm some what of a native to apparently the place with icky lakes. 😁

Regarding the apple trees, we talked to a gentleman who has an apple orchard in Manitoba. He says we can't plant the trees there and have them service. The only way they can grow apples is if the apple branches have been grafted to a trunk of a crab apple tree. Crab apple tree's root system can handle the extreme cold. So, unfortunately we can't plant these apple trees in Manitoba and expect them to live. We were disappointed when we found out.

Again, sorry if I caused offense.


The Bus Life said...

Yes, it was cold. berrrrr!