Thursday, May 17, 2018

Video: Upper Cabinets | Bus Conversion Pt. 37 | The Bus Life

Today we show you how we built our upper cabinets for our school bus conversion that we are turning into a tiny home on wheels.

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Unknown said...

I am still going to work on my bus project. It is going too slow and was slowed more by me breaking my left leg. I got out of my van and fell over. Thats it, nothing spectacular. Fell over and my leg broke.

So now Ricky has more to work with inbetween, but we will be using your videos as some ideas and needs for our bus. You said not to give up hope, and we are pushing on. We are living in our van until we get the money to get the bus going. We hope to start buying some parts in June.

We love you guys.
Ricky and Kathleen McMahon