Otterbox Story

My iPhone Otter Box Story

I wanted to share a pretty remarkable story with my faithful readers and those of you that are first time visitors. This is a story about an iPhone 4S and it's protective case, the Otterbox. The moment I purchased my iPhone 4S I decided to also purchase a case for it. I had purchased an Otterbox Defender case for my previous iPhone 3g and was very pleased with it so it was a no brainier to go ahead and also purchase one for my new iPhone 4S. Sometime later I was operating a man lift. My sister-in-law needed to make a phone call and so I let her use my phone. After she was done she placed the phone in her pocket and forgot about it. About 20 minuets later as I was driving the man lift I looked back and there, in its tracks, sat a miserable looking iPhone in it's crumpled Otterbox case. It had fallen out of my sister-in-law's pocket right into the path of the man lift.

My first impression was that the phone was crushed. In fact, the lift I was driving was almost 16,000 pounds of solid steel.

 As I got out of the lift and came closer, my fears were confirmed when I saw the damage that had befollen my iPhone 4S and it's case.

As I picked it up I didn't notice the cracked screen that I expected to see.  I began by taking the case apart.  So far the phone looked intact.

After a closer inspection I noticed that the Otterbox case was scuffed pretty good but the phone did not have a scratch on it.  I was amazed.

I called Otterbox to tell them the story and how amazed I was that the Otterbox protected my phone.  Near the end of the conversation the rep. said; "Well, I am going to amaze you a little more.  Your Otterbox case has a lifetime warranty on it regardless of how it was broken."

And so it was that a few days later my new Otterbox Defender Case arrived.

I think that the Otterbox case will always be my case of  choice for the future.


Unknown said...

This is great. My Otter cracked, but I didn't have the receipt anymore because I thought it would never brake or crack. Maybe I will pursue a replacement. Glad to hear your phone was in tact :-)

Barron said...

I have a story similar. I was installing something at a clients and I set my phone unknowingly at the time on the roof of my SUV (of course I knew I just didn't remember). So when we were driving down the road I asked my wife if she knew where my phone was and just as I said that I saw the phone fly off the roof hit the highway, bounce hit a bumper of a car at 60mph and land on the side of the road. Otter box gone Iphone worked. The other day I was showing houses and wrote a note to the owner of the home on my hood while setting my phone also on the hood. My parents were driving another car and following me to the store when they called. The phone was ringing I could hear it but didn't know where it was. When I got to the store it was still laying where I left it, on the hood of the SUV

Unknown said...

Your fortunate it was dirt. If it had been hard concrete, even the otter box would not have been able to save it. Otter boxes are the best cases for protection especially when working in environments such as this, but I don't like how bulky they are, so I opt for less protection to have a slimmer phone. I work in an office so I can generally get away with this. of course if I was in construction I would choose the otterbox though.