Monday, May 11, 2009

Bus Conversion Day 6 - Rivets

Today I am still preparing the bus for paint. I am still peeling stickers and reflective tape off that bus. I also removed some reflectors and the "Genesis" chrome lettering on the front. That will be placed back on the bus after the paint is done.

Today we figured out where everything is going in the bus and laid it all out with tape on the floor. Now I know exactly what windows I will be covering and what ones will stay. I decided to go ahead and start drilling out the rivets where the metal will be going. I hope that we can get all the metal ordered tomorrow.

Maybe by tomorrow the metal will be installed ready for paint!


Bus MM said...

I'm doing my International school bus now. The stickers on the outside of the bus has become a HUGE project. For glue removal we used: kerosene, nail polish remover, goof-off, 3M Glue Remover, and on and on it goes. Then, I had to go back and use more chemicals to remover the chemical that removed the chemicals in the glue. HUGE is an understatement. Thanks for sharing your project with the world!

Puddleglum said...

Have you tried using an eraser wheel? No chemicals needed. If you still have problems contact an auto body shop. They would know what to use.