Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 45 - Master Bed Frame & Drivers Wall | School Bus Conversion

We started by finishing up the framing for the master bed. The perimeter framing was done so now I needed support.

Then we topped it with 3/4" plywood.

The second piece also acts as a hinged bay door.

Here is the bay door open. This will make a great storage area.

Next we paneled the front of the bed frame with 1/4" Oak plywood.

We decided to go ahead and build a wall behind the drivers seat to keep the drivers section of the bus separate from the kitchen area. Should be done with this tomorrow.

I have been noticing that there is still some light coming in around some of the windows. I used the Great Stuff Window & Door foam and went around and filled all the holes that where around the windows. I will cut the excess foam away later.

More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You should have connected the storage under the bed to the back storage room

Bus Project said...

I could not do this because the propane tanks are located in the rear storage and I had to make sure that the storage portion was separate front the rest of the bus.