Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 46 - Drivers Wall & Cabinets | School Bus Conversion

The first thing we did today was finish the wall that sits behind the drivers seat.

Here is a pic with the wall framing done:

Next we put 1/2" plywood behind where the cabinets will go. We chose to use plywood rather then paneling here because I may need to attach things to the wall and I need a solid surface to screw to. Plywood gives us a more sturdy surface to mount things to.

Next we paneled the walls on the left and the right that the cabinets butt against. Then we cut and installed pieces of plywood that will act as dividers and make a surface for the cabinet face and top to mount to.

This is facing the rear:

Facing the front:

Now it was time to do the face. We used a piece of 3/4" Oak plywood and marked where we wanted our cut outs (for the doors) to be.

After it was cut we installed it using both Liquid Nails Wood Glue and a finish nailer.

This is facing the rear (The blank spot in the middle of the cabinets is where the stove will go):

Facing the front (The blank spot in the middle of the cabinets is where the stove will go):

Then we installed our top. Granite tile will go over this.

More tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

When do you use screws vs nails? You said you used liquid nails and a nail finisher for the front cabinet panel. Did you use nails on the rest of the framing as well? Or was it screws? Thanks!