Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 50 - Electrical & Carpet | School Bus Conversion

Today marks the 50th day of work on the bus. It seems to be going well and we are all still excited about the project.

Today we kept plugging away at the electrical. We of course are running both the inverted and non-inverted wire and all the 12 volt wiring.

We are officially done wiring everything in the master bedroom beside actually hooking up the lights and switches. That will be done after the walls are all paneled, stained and varnished. The rest of the wiring should go a lot faster. The master bed area is a main hub for all the wiring so it took some time to get it sorted.

After the wiring was done we cut and put the carpet down under the master bed in the storage area. It turned out very great!

Looking towards the passengers side.

Looking towards the back.

Wiring on the passengers side (The small box you see in this pic is a 12 volt distribution box):

Wiring on the drivers side:

More tomorrow!

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