Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 52 - Dinette Seats & Paneling | School Bus Conversion

Today we started with the dinette seats. The backs were already cut and just needed to be nailed so we glued and nailed the dinette seat backs.

At first I was going to hinge the actual seat to expose the storage space underneath but decided to just have a removable seat. The upholstery will be added latter.

The blocking on the seat locks the seat in place when it sets into the seat framing.

Here it is with all the blocking in place.

I chose not to hinge the seat bottoms mainly because I thought the seat padding and upholstery may get in the way when hinging it open.

Here is the seat top in place.

And the other.

Next we paneled the seat.

We were getting low on our oak plywood paneling. We were able to panel the bunk bed on the passenger side of the bus.

We also paneled the master bedroom doorway on one side.

Should have more done tomorrow!

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