Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 65 - Upper Dinette Cabinets | School Bus Conversion

Today we started on the upper cabinets that will go along the passenger side over the dinette area.

To give me more room in the cabinets I removed the metal piece that went along the wall exposing insulation.

Next I cut stripping and screwed it right above the windows and then cut 1/4" oak plywood to fit over the insulation and stripping.

Here is my first piece of paneling installed:

Here is the paneling all installed:

Next, using self tapping metal screws I installed the metal angle iron so that I can easily attach my cabinet face.

At the end of the day I had all the angle iron installed and my cabinet face almost all cut out.

Should be done tomorrow!

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Beckie said...

Not that you have extra time on your hands, but I would suggest call someone at HGTV. Have a talk and see if they are interested in your process, your experience, or your plans or a show. Tiny houses and living are so big right now, it is the hot ticket. I always watch Tiny House hunters Hunters. Someone is always trying trying to finish an old bus or an old trailer. Bight be some off season work, best to you and yours Beckie