Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 84 - Fridge Vent | School Bus Conversion

To start the day I finished foaming around the water heater opening. Due to the cutting, there were some marks and scuffs on the paint so I sanded the opening and prepped it for fresh paint.

Here is a pic of the surface sanded:

Here is the opening ready for paint:

Here it is painted:

All I need to do now it touch up the white and it is good to go.

Fridge Vent:

To get a starting point I drilled two pilot holes from the inside all the way through the roof.

Then using the vent as a guide I traced a line all the way around it.

Using my Skill saw with a metal cutting blade I cut the roof section out.

Then I cut out the ceiling metal panel using a Sawzall while still on the roof.

Before installing the vent I put a bead of silicone around on the flange of the vent and a bead around the newly cut opening. Then I screwed it in place using roofing screws.

Next I installed the vent cap:

Weather permitting I hope to have the side fridge vent in tomorrow.


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