Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 85 - RV-500 Water Heater Done! | School Bus Conversion

Today I finished touching up around the water heater opening. I had also filled the rub rails with Great Stuff Gap Filler foam at the end where it has been cut. After it dried I cut the foam flush, sanded and painted it white to match the rub rail.

Next, I screwed the RV-500 water heater in place and put silicone all around it. Then I mounted the door. The exterior is done! (The blue tape in the pic below is the pilot hole for the side fridge vent/access door.)

On the inside I hooked up the appropriate gas line and attached it to the main 1/2" line.

I wired in the 12V and ground wire also.

All that need to be done is the water lines.

More soon!

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