Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 88 - Laying Stone Tile | School Bus Conversion

Today I worked on laying stone tile for the kitchen counter. We had considered doing a solid piece of granite but after figuring the cost (cutting the stone was the most expensive) we decided to go with the stone tile.

It is real stone.

We payed about $27 a bundle. One bundles covers roughly 5 sq. ft. We picked up 4 bundles. The kitchen counter took exactly 2 bundles.

It was a time consuming job with lot of little cuts and small pieces.

I used a 1/16" spacer to space out all the tiles. It turned out looking good.

I plan to apply the grout tomorrow.

One bit of cool news:

Today we went and picked up all the foam that we ordered for the dinette seats, all the bunks and the master bed.

We were blessed to find out that the manufacturer was out of the grade of foam we had ordered so they bumped us up to the next best grade they had in stock at no extra cost! It seems like really nice stuff. We got it all for around $550.00.


Jorge Barrera said...

Your project and your documentation are amazing. Thanks for posting all of this information. Regarding the tile in the kitchen and bathroom, have you had any issues with grout cracking after your trips? I am curious if the movement of driving, going over bumps, etc, has an negative impact on the tile.

Unknown said...

Same question as Jorge; I'm worried/been warned about tile cracking from movement