Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 90 - Grout & More | School Bus Conversion

Well the mortar worked great this time. Remember...don't use old mortar.

Today I started by varnishing wood, mainly because I needed the counter trim pieces varnished so I could put them in place. This had to be done before I could grout the tile.

So for half the day I varnished.

After varnishing most of the trim boards, I found that the counter trim pieces that I varnished first, were dry. So I installed them and then grouted the entire kitchen counter.

Here it is (The sink is just set in place to see how it looks):

We are really happy with how the grout turned out.

Next we installed the rest of the master bedroom lights and made sure they worked.

There are 4 lights like these in the master bedroom.

Next we installed the two top bunk lights and tested them.

Drivers side:

Passengers side:

Next I decided to caulk all the places where the wood paneling meets the ceiling.

Here is a before pic:

and after:

That looks better!

I was dying to see what the trim would look like in the bunks so I cut a piece and set it in place:

I think the color combo looks great!

Should have more tomorrow!

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