Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 97 - Plumbing | School Bus Conversion

Today I did more work on the plumbing. I had to go to the local hardware store and pick up the supplies that I needed. I took the water pump and accumulator with me so I could match up what I needed.

This is where the supply lines come into the compartment. One is tank water the other is for city hook up.

The pump manual recommended flexible hose for running to and from the pump. It should help reduce noise from the pump.

Next, I plumbed in the water heater

The T stub outs at the bottom left of the picture will provide a water source for the out door shower that I still have to install.

To get the plumbing to the other side of the bus I had to drill two holes down through the plywood and metal to the underside of the bus.

The I had to get under the bus and run the lines over to the other side.

This is the only place where water lines will run under the bus. It is a distance of about 3 feet. I hope this will limit the chances of the water lines freezing in cold weather.

This of course is a huge school bus with lots of room underneath. Somehow I picked the only spot under the bus to run the water lines that has almost no room to maneuver around in. In the end I got it.

This is where the lines come up on the other side:

More soon!

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