Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 156 - More Trim, More Lighting | Bus Conversion

Today I was able to get the trim in the kitchen finished. I installed both vertical and horizontal pieces. Scroll down to a previous post see a before shot. Here is it is now:

Next I trimmed all the windows in the master bedroom:

I also finished installing some other trim pieces that still needed to be done:

I installed the latches on the closet doors:

Last but not least I installed two reading lights in the master bedroom:

More Soon!


Lady Bug said...

Hey, I was wondering what kind of oven that is. I just started reading your blog. I am doing research on creating my own bus home. Thanks for all the great info and I look forward to reading more!

Good News Bus said...

It is a SMEV stove. See more on Day 91.

Lady Bug said...

Great! Thanks. Those look pretty nice. I really like to bake so I would want a decent stove. What do you think of it so far?

Good News Bus said...

We do bake quite a bit in the stove. We have used it consistently for over a year strait. It is smaller then a conventional stove but does a good job.