Thursday, April 22, 2010


I was at Lowe's yesterday and I came across a DeWalt XP 14 Piece Drill Bit Set for $15. This set also includes the $10 Off card. So you end up paying only $5 for the set. A very good deal for any drill bit set. Make sure if you are doing a project to pick up some of these great deals. You really can't beat the price on these especially if you have a project going.

See the below post for more Lowe's deals!

Here is the previous Lowe's Deal Alert that I posted:

I should have posted this some time ago but better now then never.
Lowe's has a deal going right now on DeWalt driver sets. I have bought many of these and I will tell you why.

The two sets pictured above each come enclosed with a $10 off coupon for the next time that you shop at Lowe's. You do have to spend $50 to get the $10 discount. Not a big deal if you have a project going. It ends up being 20% off of $50. The set to the left costs about $13 and the set to the right costs about $10. So for the set on the left you end up paying $3 (after the $10 off) for it and the set on the right you get for free (after the $10 off)! How cool is that? Buy one each time you shop, use the card inside and you can give away, or ebay the sets that you don't want to keep. Sometimes these are hard to find.

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