Sunday, May 2, 2010

Opinions Needed...

This was kind of a last minute decision but we decided to go ahead and panel the rear windows with metal.

I had previously taken out the glass and painted the backs of it to give it a dark tint look.


It turned out looking great but we noticed when the sun hit that glass it really got hot and would heat that rear storage area that we have. There was also the risk of the windows leaking.

Here is a pic of how it looks now:

Now I am torn as to what color scheme I should do on the back. I need the readers of this blog to help me decide.

I will post some of the simple schemes that I have come up with. Please just comment as to what scheme you like best. If you come up with a simple design idea please email it to us.

Here are the following schemes that we cam up with:

Red & White:

Black Out (original window look):

Partial Black Out:

The Wave:

Mountain Range:


Please let us know what you all think.



Unknown said...

hi i am from israel follow u evry day
i suggest wave penting

Bus Project said...

Nissan...Thanks for the comment!

Reggie said...

I like the black-out because I like tradition.

Morbis said...

I follow your posts most every day.
I like the mountain range, but maybe add 3 crosses on the ridge line

Anonymous said...

do the same scheme that is on front of the bus, with black upper windows.

Pearl Berries said...

I like the wave or mountain. You don't even need to acknowledge those windows, since you have simply made that a full wall! Btw, love the look and feel of the inside. Yours was the one that my husband got excited over :)

Bus Project said...

Pearl Berries,

Thanks for the comment. Are you and your husband doing a bus too???

Anonymous said...

I like Mountain Peak. It's all really cool... This bus has been finished with the utmost meticulous handiwork! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really like Mountain Range - It's cool. The interior is awesome. It is obvious that you offer a great attention to detail. It's beautiful.


Is it too late to choose? I love the mountain range. Thank you for your frequent posts...your RV is beautiful and we are looking forward to gleaning any info you have in here for our own conversion (hopefully to start in the next week. yay!). Keep up the excellent work!

Swinada said...

I also vote for Mountain range with cross on top. :)
great work on your bus I havent looked into your blog since last year and you sure did a great job.