Thursday, November 11, 2010

Odds, Ends & Backup Power | Bus Conversion

If anyone knows what this plug is for, on the front drivers side of the bus, let me know.

I can only assume that it is a block heater but I am not sure.

The last few days I have just been doing some odds and ends on the bus.

First was a picture I forgot to add in the last post.

I had a new bumper cap??? made to cover the gap between the bumper and the back of the bus.

I also installed a 30 - 50 amp plug. Everything is powered up and seems to be working great:

I came up with a very simple but effective idea for a shower curtain rod in a tight place. I used a bungee cord:

If you lean against it is will not fall like an ordinary curtain rod.

I can add a second bungee cord to make more room in the shower:

Next I needed a lit entry way so I obtained 2 LED lights and installed them.

I installed a lock for the back door storage / room:

I received the backup power generator for the Good News Bus. There is a 30 amp cable I have run from the back of the bus to the Iota switching system. I tested it and it powers everything just fine. Very nice, VERY QUIET!!!:

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Anonymous said...

I am a school bus driver and yes, that silver hinged cap is the block heater plug.