Almost Done! | Bus Conversion

So much has been done I am not sure where to begin. My internet has been down so I was unable to post as I went so here it is.

After installing the metal over the new door opening I was trying to figure out a way to hid the seam. I tried caulking it at first and was just not satisfied so I went ahead and used body filler on the seam.

Here is a pic with some of the body filler done:

Here is a pic of the door removed, body filler finished and metal painted.

Here it is finished:

Next I worked on the stairwell. Here are a series of pictures of the progress:

The tanks are also installed and hooked up and most important...working properly:

The black water tank is to the left and the grey water is to the right.

I also decided to move my battery bank to the other side of the bus in a more convenient location. I now have more room if I need to work on my batteries.

The washer / Dryer combo is also installed and working:

The propane tanks are installed to the left of the washing machine.

Last but not least I installed a stainless Steel Tail Pipe Tip:

For the most part the bus is done! I have a Honda 3000i Generator on it's way for the backup power.


Anonymous said…
Now that you have been living in the bus full time, how has the power situation worked for you? Have you had to use the backup generator much?