Thursday, November 11, 2010

Previouse Post Update

In the previous post Tires & More!!! I posted that we had used tires placed on the back and new on the front. We were having problems with a lot of vibration with the used tires so we took them back and had news tires put on instead. Evidently the kind of wheels we have are hard to get balanced. I am trying to find a place to do it. But the vibration is WAY less with the new tires.


Anonymous said...

how is the tire situation? i worked at a school bus company and we never balanced any tires ... things that will make the wheels give you a vibration is not putting the wheels on right. you tighten them like you would true a bike wheel

Good News Bus said...

Tires are great! I took them and had them trued and balanced. The bus rides very smooth.