Sunday, April 17, 2016

Good News Bus at Stonehenge

Months ago the Good family made plans to travel to other continents.  Leaving the Good News Bus behind was just not an option.  To make this possible the Good family took out an enormous loan and liquidated every asset to purchase a barge for the Good News Bus to sail on.   Why?  To traverse across the waters of many oceans and to see other lands long forgotten in time.  This dream came to fruition today.

We finally came to the shores of a strange ancient land filled with friendly prehistoric creatures,

fountains of youth,

brazen warriors frozen in time,

and a sight we could have only dreamed of seeing before...Stonehenge.

How was all this possible?  Well, unfortunately it is still just a far fetched dream and an impossible financial nightmare.  But today it came close.  We found all of this literally in the middle of nowhere.  We were driving through the town of Elberta, Alabama.  You will know you are there when you see a sign that reads; "Elberta City Limits - Home of Shelby Brown".  Be sure to take a side road that leads to the Barber Marina were you too can be off on your own adventure without having to leave the shores of your homeland.  That is if your homeland is the United States of America.  

Oh...keep an eye out for the alligators!  They are mean!!!

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Unknown said...

Our family is following your journey!